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June 26, 2019

Simplicity – The Ultimate Sophistication to Boost E-commerce Revenue


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In e-commerce, simplicity can be the ultimate sophistication that you provide to customers. It is the key to preventing cart abandonment and confusion for the buyers. Most often, removing checkout distractions and decluttering the cart page can play a huge role in expediting sales closure.

Here are three important e-commerce features that must be considered to boost revenue. While these features are found on most brand’s websites and mobile apps, they are often not optimized for maximum effectiveness. Some features may need to be removed as they ultimately distract shoppers while others must be optimized.

The Wishlist Feature

This e-commerce feature is basically a personal collection of products that shoppers may want to buy in the future. It largely indicates a customer’s interest and not necessarily the intent to purchase. When this feature is removed, the buyer can solely focus on purchasing things he wants at the moment. If the “Add to Wishlist” option was provided, buyers go about marking products under this category instead of actively shopping.

Studies show that mobile shoppers show a positive response when this feature is removed. A wishlist occupies a lot of mobile screen space, and can completely distract a buyer. Since m-commerce contributes to a large share of retail profit, brands should consider removing this feature to boost profits. In fact, a whopping 81.6% of mobile shoppers show a rise in RPV (revenue per visitor) when the Wishlist feature is removed. However, a word of caution to the fashion merchants as fashion buyers use this feature extensively to purchase when they get a good deal, or build a list of items to complete a look.

Breadcrumbs Trails

Breadcrumbs trails are a form of site navigation that reveal where visitors are on a site’s hierarchy of pages. When brands have a large number of categories, these trails help improve the user experience by displaying the breadcrumbs. It also helps users find their way back if they land on the wrong page.

Statistics show that breadcrumbs trails should not be removed from the website or mobile apps since this has a negative impact on shopping. In fact, brands that don’t have breadcrumbs trails need to consider implementing one immediately to boost revenue. However, it is recommended to try out different levels of breadcrumbs trails simplification on website and mobiles to understand what works best for your visitors.

The Continue Shopping Button

Similar to other call to action buttons like Buy Now, this button can be found on cart pages. The idea is to get the buyers to stay focused on shopping. However, clicking on this button takes the users away from the checkout page. Reports show that suppressing this button largely improves revenue via m-commerce, as it was a major distraction for users. While suppressing The Continue Shopping button is one option, brands can consider reconfiguring it to perform a logical activity such as bringing the buyer back to the most recently browsed shopping category.

Brands must experiment and optimize all their e-commerce features continuously to keep up with the latest buying behaviors. This way, there is a higher success rate in converting prospective buyers to customers, leading to an increase in revenue.

Final Thoughts!

With m-commerce skyrocketing, it is clear that smartphones and mobile apps play a vital role in engaging customers, and improving profit margins considerably. Brands can leverage mobile apps to stay close to their customers, expand their reach, and delight customers with an intuitive and convenient shopping experience anytime, anywhere.

If you’re interested in setting up a mobile app for your e-commerce business, Vajro can help you do it quickly. As a leading mobile app factory, we take pride in empowering clients worldwide with smart apps that drive revenue and provide higher ROI. If you’d like to explore a mobile app for your business, please contact us. We offer a 30-day free trial period for your very own mobile store tailored to your requirements.

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