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customer engagement
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September 19, 2019

Six Positive Impacts of Mobile App Push Notifications on E-commerce Businesses


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The steep rise in the number of mobile users has a huge positive impact on the e-commerce industry.

According to Statistica, 2.1 billion people across the globe are smartphone users. Therefore, marketers need to leverage varied mobile tactics based on the demographics and size of the audiences in order to reach out to them.

A majority of the mobile user population depends on mobile apps for various needs. Mobile apps are easy and fast to use. Brands can easily engage and re-engage with audiences using mobile apps to keep the conversations going on. Mobile app push notifications are a great way to connect with the target audience.

According to “Overall, users who enable push notifications are far more engaged than users who don’t. An average of 62% of push-enabled users returned to the app one month after they downloaded it”.

Considered as the fastest and efficient way to communicate with the audience, push notifications provide a wide range of benefits for e-commerce businesses.

Listed below are six positive aspects of mobile app push notifications that make them an effective way to connect with users in real-time

  1. Track User Behavior – One of the main advantages of push notifications is to track user behavior. Brands can get data on open rates, page viewing time, viewed product pages, etc. This helps brands to understand which messages are more likely to be opened, and plan for suitable launch campaigns for their products.
  2. Engage with Audience – Sending push notifications at important touch-points enables brands to attract more customer. You can send real-time updates and reminders about discounts and offers during shopping season. Mobile apps help track buying history which can be leveraged to send custom notifications based on customer interests.
  3. Re-engage with Old Users – Push notifications are ideal to turn old and inactive users into active buyers. The retention rate is also high for brands that send push notifications. It includes sending personalized offers and important news updates.
  4. Improve Brand Image – Push notifications are a powerful marketing tool to improve your visibility in the market. Personalized messages can be used to instantly connect with the customer, and is essential to improve the value of your brand.
  5. Increase Conversion Rates – Sending timely push notification messages at every touch base largely contributes to increasing conversion rates. Important touchpoints are when customers leave the store with an item is still in the cart, or when they add items to wish-lists on a regular basis. Messages on discounts and limited-period offers can trigger immediate buying.
  6. Target Users Based on Intent – With access to a user’s location, mobile apps can send location-specific push notifications to improve the overall customer experience. Brands can draw attention to specific discounts and offers that the user has been showing interest over a period of time. Individualized messages also garner better open rates, largely contributing to conversions.

Mobile apps can also be used to place deep links in push messages to take users to a particular page in the app. Combined with interesting content and a powerful Call To Action (CTA), mobile app push notifications can drive revenue for e-commerce businesses.

Wrapping Up

If you want to leverage mobile app push notifications to grow and retain your target segment, Vajro can be of help. We are a mobile app factory committed to growing your e-commerce business with the help of a robust mobile app.

With options for unlimited push notifications, deep linking features, vibrant themes, and other intuitive features, Vajro’s mobile app can help you stay close to your customers and drive conversions. If you’d like to know more about Vajro, get in touch with us.

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