Live Selling
Live Selling
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February 6, 2023

The future of live selling: Enhancing engagement with Chat bots

Kavin Elango

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There’s no doubt that live selling is one of the sureshot ways to connect with your customers. With viewers getting an opportunity to check out the showcased products in real time, it also induces impulse buying and results in more engagement. 

However, the interaction between the viewers and broadcasters tends to be pretty low in most live sales. If you often find yourself to be on the same boat during your live sales, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! 

We at Vajro have developed bots that will help you interact and engage with your customers in a much better way. These bots have been specifically developed to initiate interactions and boost visibility into who added what products to the cart or wishlist during a live sale. 

We’ve developed 3 types of bots that can pitch in on 3 different points of action during the live sale: 

Welcome bot 

The main function of this bot is to improve the initial interaction and act as an icebreaker between you and your viewers. When a viewer joins the live sale, they’ll be greeted with an animation of waving hands on the mobile app. Upon clicking on it, a new comment displaying a static message from the viewer’s name will be added to the Comments section. 

For example: Hello! 👋

Cart bot 

The purpose of this bot is to let all the viewers know when a product is added to the cart. Each time a viewer adds a particular product to their cart during the live sale, a comment displaying the name of the viewer and the product will be added by the bot. This notification is likely to create a FOMO trigger and urge the rest of the users to buy the same or even different products. 

For example: John added a product to cart - Red Full Sleeve Cotton T-shirt.

Wishlist bot 

This bot serves the dual purpose of helping you identify the types of products your viewers are interested in and also intimating other viewers about who has added what the product to their wishlist. Whenever a viewer adds a specific product to their wishlist, the bot adds a new comment with the name of the product and the viewer. 

For example: Sarah added a product to wishlist - Blue Faded Jeans.

You can customize these messages right from the Vajro dashboard. 

Bonus: We’ve made this feature available right from our Starter Plan! Make sure to deploy them all in your next live sale to significantly improve audience interaction and engagement!

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