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October 16, 2023

The role of AR in mobile shopping


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Remember 7 years ago, how the world went crazy for Pokemon Go? If we told you back then that the same technology derived from video games is going to redefine the world of mobile shopping, you'll probably have laughed it off. But well, that's exactly what's happening today. Augmented Reality or AR as we know it isn't just bringing along with it a change, its bringing a revolution! This revolution has already taken over the domain of video games, social media and is on its course to disrupt the field of mobile shopping as well. AR in e-commerce, although a much newer phenomenon is rapidly gaining momentum. Here we'll take a look at the top 4 definitive ways in which augmented reality is going to change the world of mobile shopping and m-commerce.

An intuitive shopping experience

The moment we start talking about the revolutionary role of AR in mobile shopping, the immediate thing that comes to mind is about the brand new experiences in store for shoppers. AR isn't magical enough to make the products better. But is wizardry lies in its ability to make the experience one of a kind. Augmented reality adds that missing level of perceptiveness that is seen as a big negative of online and mobile shopping. When you as a brand include AR capabilities, your value perception greatly increases in the eyes of your customers. This enhanced value is what is going to trigger them to convert into frequent buyers making repeat purchases.

More shopping less returns

Arguably the biggest role of AR in mobile shopping will be in giving an uplift to product categories like clothing and furniture. In both cases, it is very essential from a customer standpoint to be able to see what the product looks like from various perspectives. In the case of furniture, what the product will look like in a certain room also comes into picture. The ability of augmented reality to let buyers use a virtual lookalike of the product nullifies this problem altogether.

This helps customers buy products with more confidence and make better informed decisions. It results in greatly reduced return rates and at the same time greatly increased purchase rates. A study performed by Apple further solidifies this claim by finding that customers are about 1000% more likely to purchase furniture if they can see how it looks in their homes by using AR in mobile shopping.


Bridging the channel gap

While we are moving to an increasingly online world, brick and mortar stores still hold relevance and significance. Both have their respective pros and cons. Brick and mortar stores provide the true product feel and experience but are bound by the elements of time and place. Online e-commerce stores don't have that restriction but can't provide the in-person feel. With the help of augmented reality, the same in-store experience can be easily brought to the e-commerce or m-commerce domain. Similarly, you can use some nifty e-commerce tricks like virtual wait lists to spice up the in-store experience as well. AR will successfully blur the lines between distribution channels and make shopping a truly omni-channel experience.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is a sacrosanct norm for all businesses out there if they truly wish to succeed in the current environment. Inject this with a little potion of augmented reality and boom you have an award-winning formula! AR activations make for a certain novelty factor that somehow manages to get the world participating. Take, for example, the infamous Face App challenge.

The most common example of AR, Social Media integration is seen as custom filters on apps like instagram and snapchat. These initiatives are more light-hearted in nature and need not be seen purely from an impact point of view. However, if done right, the amount of traction they can generate can even turn out to be disproportionately high to efforts put in.

To Sum it up

AR or augmented reality in mobile shopping is a field that is still in development. But going by the forecast of experts and industry leaders, it is not only here to stay, but to redefine the m-commerce world entirely. Hence it is in best interest for you as a brand owner to welcome it to your business domain with open arms and let it work its magic on your revenues and profits.


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