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November 25, 2019

Top 10 Instagram Story Apps


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There are over 500 million people who use Instagram Stories every day. Apps for Instagram Stories have helped marketers beat competition and garner much-needed audience attention in the past few years.

According to TechCruch, “Instagram  Stories is an integral part of the world’s largest dedicated visual communication app in the first year since its launch.”

If you want to impress your audience and showcase your products and services, check out the top ten Instagram Story apps that can be leveraged to engage and connect with them.  

1. Over

Over is a great tool for overlaying text and graphics. Over is a handy tool for creating engaging stories having a large database of templates and fonts,  

2. Canva

Canva is a free on-the-go graphic design tool. It has a huge database of stock photos, graphics, frames, templates, and fonts.  

3. Afterlight 2

Priced at $.099, Afterlight 2 is a great app with an intuitive interface. With artistic overlays and more than 128 filters and frames options, Afterlight 2 can make your simple photo look awesome. It is also a good choice to use vintage film filters.  


VSCO is a great alternative to Instagram filters. It provides a Polaroid-camera effect to your digital photos. Supporting both iOS and Android phones, VSCO filters help create the desired brand aesthetics for your brand’s pictures.  

5. StoryLuxe

StoryLuxe also focuses on simple templates and filters and has a wide range of stylish templates, filters, and textures to choose from. It is the go-to app when you want to maintain a strong brand look in your Instagram Stories.  

6. Adobe Spark Post

Adode Spark Post is a simple tool that provides superior photo editing and graphics features. You get a host of templates, filters, free stock photos, and more for free. It is available on iOS or Android.

7. A Design Kit

If you’re a lover of freehand drawing and writing, then A Design Kit is what you must look for. It has a pencil and a set of brush tools using which you can add your touch to the stories.

8. Font Candy

If you want to customize your fonts on the Instagram post, then Font Candy is what you need. They can be edited to look curvy, opaque, with shadows, and more.

9. Enlight Photofox

Available on iOS, this app is most suitable for digital designers. You can blend several images and create stunning designs for your stories. Although it’s free, you need to pay a small fee to unlock premium features.

10. Unfold

If you’re a minimalist and want to keep your Instagram stories that way, then Unfold is your best choice. It’s an app that has 4.9 ratings and has more than 45K reviews. It hosts a huge library of minimalist templates to suit a wide range of audiences.  

While Instagram Stories help brands to share their new collections and events visually, the value of the brand is enhanced by having a mobile app for the online store. Mobile apps help reach out to target audience faster, and send push notifications on product updates, offers, and discounts. If you want to grow your online brand value, Vajro mobile apps can be of assistance.

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