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December 2, 2019

Top 10 Picks for Privacy Policy Generator


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When you own an e-commerce business a privacy policy is essential for your customers, regardless of the size of your business. Privacy policies may seem like small work, but they are one of the most important features that increase your business’s credibility and establish trustworthiness. Last but not least, it is one of the most important legal agreements for your online business, especially given today’s legislation on protecting client information.  or any other business.

An online business will need a privacy policy page for various reasons such as when you need customer’s personal details like name, email address, account details, and credentials from them.  

Customers have the right to ask why you need their private data, and documents like privacy policy provide deeper explanations to customers about what will happen to their personal information and why you need it. Make sure the privacy policy that you provide as a legal document clearly states how you will use their data. For instance, whether you use it for your business purpose or under some regulations you must follow.  

What if you don’t have a privacy policy for your e-commerce business? Your information gathering could be considered as data breaching and violating the law and regulations related to data privacy. So, a privacy policy document is one of the imperative things to be included in your site.  

Finding hard to make one? How about including tailor-made privacy policies that perfectly match your business? Never miss an existing customer or a new customer just because you don’t have a privacy policy with you. It is now simple with privacy policy generators.  

There are so many privacy policy generators to choose from. Here are our top 10 picks of the best free privacy policy generators.  

1. Shopify

Shopify is one of the leading companies that provide various helpful features for privacy policies. It provides a free privacy policy generator with customized templates that you can choose from, based on your business and service types. The process is simple, just add in your details and check the privacy template and edit them. Voila, your privacy policy is generated and ready to use. In addition, Shopify provides generators for refund policies and terms of services in case you need them for your online business.

2. Termsfeed  

TermsFeed is one of the best options for creating a custom–made privacy policy and legally binding agreements. You can make a wide range of policies with TermsFeed like privacy policy, terms and conditions, returns and refund policies. These policies are important for e-commerce apps, SaaS apps, desktop, websites and mobile apps. The process is simple with just four steps to get your policy. Upload your personal and business-related information based on the requirement. TermsFeed asks you a few questions based on your business and generates a clear privacy policy.

3. iUbenda

iUbenda is one of the most comprehensive privacy policy generators. It includes the latest international laws like GDPR and CalOPPA compliances in its privacy policies. The process is very simple, it asks you to select the right policy for your business and helps you to implement it in your business site. You can generate multi-languages policy, the policy also covers the why and how of generating policies for Google AdSense, AdWords and cookies.  

4. Free Privacy Policy

The free privacy policy is a top-ranking free privacy policy provider brand, they strictly adhere to all the federal laws and regulations. They provide verification tools for you to protect your data privacy and security of visitors to your site.  

5. Trust Guard

TrustGuard provides extensive options for your privacy policies implementation.  

It provides more accurate information with better privacy policy documents. It takes an extra step providing a seal of trust as an add-on for visitors to trust your brand.  

6. SEQ Legal  

SEQ Legal is a legal consultancy supplying services to customers in the UK, based on your business, you can download customized templates from SEQ legal. It makes your work easy; you need to fill out fields to get privacy policy for your company.

7. Get Terms

GetTerms provides you three options such as custom policy, comprehensive GDPR-ready policy and a free basic privacy policy. The generator is simple as most of the options are pre-selected and the options will be like,  

  • How to use the information you collect
  • The types of cookies on your website  

8. Firebase App Generator

Firebase creates policies for free, open source, freemium and ad supported. This tool makes it comfortable for you to create for both android and iOS. Enter few information and you’re done with your privacy policy. They provide regulations for third-party service providers too.


Privacypolicies is free for individual purposes if your site does not collect much data from your user, it is not free for businesses. Fill out a form with some questions regarding your business and by the end, your privacy policy will be ready to go. The tool is for website and app owners.  

10. 3d Cart Personalized and Privacy Policy Generator

3d cart offers e-commerce software and they provide a personalized privacy policy for your business based on your requirements.  

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