Mobile Commerce
Mobile Commerce
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June 24, 2016

Vajro: you need it, you want it.


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While for some businesses the question is “why mobile commerce,” for the others it is “who can do it for us.” Anyone who is convinced of the benefits of m-commerce and determined to harness its benefits would first require a mobile app for their enterprise. But the app must be one that suits their specific requirements and line of business, without them having to loosen their purse strings to bear more costs than they can hope to regain.

When it comes to the goliaths of the industry, it would make sense when they demand very specific, very detailed, and very design-singular apps to go about; however, with smaller and medium-sized companies, this is unnecessary and could even become a disservice. A good, robust app with sufficient customisable options to tweak around to suit the business type is all that is required for decent aesthetics and functionality.

Vajro was created to serve this very same purpose: to develop apps for SMEs that want to boost their sales with m-commerce, establish their face value and increase their online presence without much of a hassle. It is a tool where you don’t invest heavily on equipment but get rewarded well.

Why you need Vajro

  • You need to see a hike in your sales.
  • You can spare just a little seed investment.
  • You need customer loyalty.
  • We can put you in your customer’s pocket.
  • You need to make shopping quick, easy and enjoyable.
  • You need to reach new markets.
  • An app is not a new-fangled innovation. You need to be a savant technophile. Not a charlatan. Not a luddite.

Why you want Vajro

  • It’s not an albino elephant.
  • You want your customers to take pride in you.
  • You want great online presence.
  • You want your customers to feel welcome and comfortable.
  • You want your store to feel inviting to strangers.
  • You want promising but undemanding marketing strategies to lead over your competition.
  • You want a bountiful RoI.
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