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December 29, 2022

[Vajro x Klaviyo] Your silver bullet for 2023

Arvind Subramanian

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Hey there! How did your BFCM pan out?

Before you jump into comparing the numbers between 2022 and 2021, I want to take a moment to clarify:

“2021 was an anomaly”, it was a black swan that gave eCommerce a once-in-a-lifetime boon. So trying to benchmark growth rates against it has brought too many businesses to the brink.

Having said that, looking at the BFCM report by Shopify and Klaviyo, two interesting pointers stood out:

Observation 1:

Consumers approached the holiday season with intentionality; in this context, it means that 3 in 4 shoppers spent time seeking higher-quality products that will last and about 84% of them compared prices between brands before purchasing!

Takeaway: Buying out of FOMO (fear-of-missing-out) has become passé. New customers aren’t buying much, and so brands have to rely on returning customers.

Observation 2:

With a paradigm shift in the paid-targeting space, thanks to the iOS 14.5 update, direct-to-consumer (D2C) businesses are scrambling to figure out the new algorithms or shifting their paid social media platforms altogether.

Takeaway: Your paid-medium needs to work way harder for lesser results. In the end, you will be pumping more $$$ for meager returns, because it is more like shooting in the dark.

Well, as they say, “Timing matters more than strategy”. And we at Vajro were quick to act upon the learnings and have brought you the touted Vajro x Klaviyo integration to start your 2023 with a bang!

How will this integration help D2C businesses?

According to Shopify’s BFCM 2022 findings, 73% of sales were made on mobile devices. And Klaviyo’s BFCM aftermath report claims that brands increased their order amount and volume by over 30% YoY by focusing on owned marketing (email, SMS, and push notifications.)

Vajro x Klaviyo is bringing the best of both these worlds, by helping brands:
a) Scale their owned marketing efforts alongside the business they’re investing in
b) Focus more on profitability rather than just top-line growth percentage

Curious? Check this out!

What is owned marketing?

According to Klaviyo, owned marketing is an approach to interact with users who have already shown interest in your brand, using data that you own and control, like:

  • Your email list (email marketing)
  • SMS list (text message marketing)
  • Your mobile app audience (engage through push notifications)

Contrary to owned marketing, your earned and paid marketing channels, like Google Search, banner ads, and media coverage, are used to attract new users to your brand.

All these marketing channels might offer you a plethora of options to target and retarget end users. However, your existing customers are 70% more likely to purchase again from your brand compared to a small 5 to 10% chance that a new user buys from you.

So, if you notice your customer acquisition cost (CAC) climbing over 30-50% of your average order value (AOV), setting aside $0.01 for SMS and some seem much better than pumping $100-1000 of dollars on paid ads. The same goes without saying for push notifications and emails. It’s time to shift gears and reconsider your ad-budget and get into owned marketing to see good ROI.

Use cases of the Vajro x Klaviyo integration

1. Understand your users’ journey within your app

Capture user actions within your mobile app to understand their journey down to the T and enhance their shopping experience.

You can view multiple actions that users have taken inside your mobile app, like when they registered for your app, viewed your product collection, etc. You can even track their activity as they add items to their cart, and complete the checkout process.

Value prop: Collect all of this behavioral data and collate the data of your users from across various digital channels including: Website, CRM, and mobile app [Vajro]; all of these under a single umbrella.

2. Segment your users to understand their intent

Now that you have the data, you can slice and dice your end users to have a deeper understanding of their intent. You could use Klaviyo’s two tools–segments and lists–to keep track of your subscribers and contacts.

  • Lists are static; they grow as users subscribe to your emails or blogs, or are manually added.
  • Segments are dynamic; they grow as users meet certain conditions and shrink as users no longer meet them in real-time.

Some examples of how you can use segments to identify different audiences include:

  • Users who purchase a new product in your app - Send them a personalized notification thanking them for their purchase or recommending related products.
  • Users who view a collection but do not make a purchase - Send them a reminder about ongoing offers for the collection viewed.
  • Users who add a product to the cart but do not check out - Send a discount code to incentivize them to revisit their abandoned carts.

3. Reach out to users on their preferred channel

Integrating Vajro and Klaviyo is the final piece of your omnichannel puzzle. Let me walk you through an example:

Suppose you’re a brand that sells athletic apparel and footwear. Looking at your customers’ behavioral data, you see that many customers who purchased your new red sneakers also viewed a pair of white running shorts, but never purchased them.

By pulling this segment into Klaviyo, you can quickly build a discount code campaign, targeting these customers with the pair of shorts they were already seeing.

The campaign sends a push notification to your customers and they are quickly reminded of the product they liked along with the discount code. Finally, they purchase the pair of white shorts using their mobile app – win, win; brought to you by Vajro and Klaviyo!

Good news! We’ve built an exclusive provision to support parallel push notifications to your Android users too (It’s on the house!)

If you have reached till here, you have our gratitude and we take it that you are interested in what we can offer! Let’s take it up a notch, talk to us right away and we’ll set you up for success (We mean it!)

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