Mobile Commerce
Mobile Commerce
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June 24, 2016

A Vouch for M-Commerce


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First e-commerce

In today’s mobile age, e-commerce and m-commerce are already catching up with physical stores. And it’s not just with shopping. This extends to restaurants, travel bookings, movies, games, reviews on potential purchases, and so on and so forth. E-commerce changed the way many people shopped or went about some basic chores. It allowed them to do those very things on their computers, and without the hassle of scheduling, crowds, transportation issues etc. But as is the case with every new attraction, once the benefits are worn through, the what-ifs start surfacing. What if there was a way to shop just about any time of the day without time restrictions, without the long-winded procedure of even finding time, then getting to a computer, and requiring electricity?

Now m-commerce

And thus, the next step was mobile commerce. If e-commerce made life slightly less time bound, m-commerce makes life easy. The biggest mutual benefit amplified for the business and the customer is the proximity they gain with each other. For the commercial concern, this translates into them being able to reach their customers faster, study the shopping trends using foolhardy analytics, profit by the increased sales etc. For the customer it is being able to browse, research or make transactions at their convenience so long as they have a mobile device and an internet connection.

When the process is simplified and facile, the shopper is more relaxed, less irritable and hardly ever irate. This exponentially draws them into the experience, and promotes a happy shopping episode. Then there is the benefit of impulse buys which an app allows a shopper to do without much trouble. Impulse buying is soul-soothing for the buyer and a joy-harbinger for the enterprise!

The greatest bit of this technology

The greatest bit of this technology is that a business can reach out to customers better than if they were actually in their stores. With push notifications, the aforementioned analytics, real-time product displays and product information, the possibility of instant sells, the choice to shelve for future purchases, and the added customisable options that assist in business-specific responses [for e.g. a jewellery store app providing customers with virtual 3D images of themselves wearing selected trinkets] – all this goes to benefit both parties, and not just in the monetary sense.

With the number of positive statistics going up up up, mobile commerce is no longer a debate on future prospects. It is the predictable path to boost sales.

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