Feature launch
Feature launch
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July 7, 2022

What's new with Blynk? Cart Hold has arrived!

Shiva Moorthy

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This has been a long time coming.

You asked for it. We heard you. It’s all here now.

Okay, I’m gonna cut right to the chase - Blynk has gotten some incredible upgrades! Our focus has always been to put you, the Shopify stores, under the spotlight. Having said that, here’s all the good stuff.

In addition to the existing features - Live selling and Rewynd, we’ve developed Reservation and Waitlist, we call them Cart Hold, by the way, and Product Drops.

Let’s dive deep into what these upgrades are and what they do, shall we?

Brand New Live Selling Experience

Live video selling is without a doubt, one of the easiest ways to maximize engagement and also improve conversion rates. According to Social Insider, 12% of Facebook video posts are live streams, but live streams get double the engagement of pre-recorded video posts.

Live selling evokes the joy of impulse buying among your audience and helps you sell more! With Blynk, you can go live on your mobile app, and your Facebook pages/groups simultaneously, reaching a larger audience during a live selling session.

Blynk allows you to add past live sessions to your mobile app for your shoppers to go back, watch, and shop from. Not only does this help your live sessions get more views, but also increase total orders and conversion rates!

Cart Hold

The upgrade also comes with the long awaited features - Reservation and Waitlist. Reservation and Waitlist are combined into Cart Hold! For those who are unfamiliar, reservation allows shoppers to reserve products ahead of time and claim them at their availability. Whereas, shoppers who wish to purchase products that are out of stock, can get on the waitlist and get the products at their availability! Cart Hold will ensure that shoppers get the products they love, and Shopify stores maximize average order value and conversions!

Fresh Way to Sell on Facebook - Product Drops

The gift of Blynk keeps on giving! Have you heard of wall drops? Well, now you’ve got it! Product Drops are now available on Blynk. It’s simple! You get to put up your products for them to appear on your audience’s Facebook feed. Your shoppers will simply leave a relevant comment under the product they wanna purchase. And that’s it! Very simple and efficient way to boost sales!

Seamless Checkout Process

To make the checkout process simpler, we bring to you the Reserved Cart. Items that are bought and waitlisted during a live sale are all listed in the respective sections. All one needs to do is go to the Reserved Cart to complete their purchase. Products that are in the Reserved list are in stock and available for purchase. The products are all tagged with their own countdown timers. The timer tells customers how long they have before they can complete the purchase of the respective product. Buyers who have products in the waitlist section will be notified when the product is back in stock. The expired section consists of products whose countdown timers run out. As simple as that!

Robust Database

All the information about your current and past live sessions can now be found in one place! Not just that, you can even check Cart Hold stats, and see the number of products that were reserved and waitlisted in any given live sale session. Even better - you can see the products that were reserved and waitlisted during a session. We’ve truly brought in all the details that you need to keep your live sessions more organized!

Wanna know more about the working with Cart Hold? Read this article to learn more!

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