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June 22, 2022

When Is It Time to Find a New Mobile App Development Partner: A Handy Guide for Enterprises


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As a business scales, it will have to assess both its internal and external entities to see if the current setup is set to grow. Since the mobile app is an important digital touchpoint for users, it is absolutely critical to re-evaluate your app development partner and take a call on whether you should continue with them or onboard a new partner.

But, how do you know when to hire a new app development partner? What are some things you should keep in mind? These are the questions this article will address.

When you need to change your app development partner?

The following are the tell-tale signs that it is time to find a new mobile app development partner for your business:

Costs are hitting the roof

A very common reason why businesses of all sizes decide to change their mobile application development partner is cost. Sometimes, an app development agency will charge you by the hour. The problem with this approach is that it doesn’t help much when you’re trying to determine the overall costs of the project.

In an ideal scenario, the partner should be giving you value equal to the amount you’re paying them. If it has been in the back of your mind that your current partner is charging you way more than they should, then that is probably the reality. Hire someone else!

Deadlines are not being met

As important as it is for your app partner to stay within predetermined budgets, it is also important for them to respect your deadlines. Imagine you’ve planned to release a revamped design for your app and ran a month-long campaign hyping it up. If your app partner were to not meet deadlines, it would not go well with your app’s users especially considering how vocal customers are on social media about brands.

If your app development partner has on more than one occasion missed an important deadline, it is a definite sign that you need to hire someone else.

Unsatisfactory quality of work

When the app does not work as it is supposed to, it will lead to a lot of problems. It is understandable if the quality is not up to the mark once or twice, But if you begin to notice a pattern, it is time to look for a new partner.

Not keeping up with trends

We all know how quickly things change in the digital world. An app feature or design that may be a standard today can quickly become obsolete in the near future. This means that your existing app partner should be equipped to adapt to these changes. Such adaptations will almost always require new technology and techniques to be introduced. If your partner is simply not able to adapt to the market trends, it is time to hire a new one.

Unable to build a good relationship

Your app partner’s services should not end with the launch of the app. Your app will need regular tweaks as the business grows. To make this happen, the partner should foster a long-lasting relationship with your business. Such a relationship can also save your business money in the long run. If you feel like you can’t build a mutually beneficial long-term professional relationship with your app partner, you should think about onboarding someone new.

Tips to Choose the Right App Development Partner

Having read through the reasons why you might be in need of a new mobile app development partner, you might be already thinking of finding someone more competent to build your app. The following are some tips you can follow in choosing the perfect app development partner -

Check customer reviews and feedback

One of the best ways to identify a great app development partner is to get their existing or previous clients’ opinions. A quick Google search should give you an overview. If you want more detailed reviews, you can contact their customers directly to understand the pros and cons of working with the partner. Platforms like Reddit and Quora are also great places to get unbiased reviews about the app development partner.

App idea security

One of the biggest problems that have been plaguing the business world is the leaking of ideas. Many times, poor replicas make their way into the market well before the original does. Why? Because of poor security measures taken by mobile app development companies.

The best way to avoid this is by developing the app yourself. Yes, you heard that right. You can develop your own app with relative ease with the help of Vajro. You not only have to write a single line of code but can build the app in just a few hours!

Impressive delivery management

You should make sure that the app development partner you are hiring has an effective delivery management system. There should be transparent communication to ensure there are no misunderstandings and that the right expectations are set. There are many cases where clients of mobile development companies were unsatisfied with the app they developed because of a communication gap between them and their client.

Designing standards

No matter how technologically advanced the backend of the app is, the ultimate deciding factor for success will be design. Therefore it is imperative to assess the UI/UX design capabilities of the partner you are considering hiring for your business. Check out their design portfolio. You can even install some apps they developed to experience their creations for yourself.

Trusted quality assurance measures

Most mobile apps are riddled with bugs that drive users away from them. Why would anyone use an app that isn’t smooth to use? This is exactly why great design and development methodologies are not enough. The app partner you choose must follow some of the latest automated and manual quality assurance measures to ensure that the final product doesn’t have any technical errors or bugs before they are put on the app stores.

Summing Up

If you’ve read this far and are contemplating if you should change your app development partner, your instincts are right! In today’s digital world, only the best of the best stand a chance at attracting users and retaining them. You should therefore leave no stone unturned to make sure your mobile app is primed for success, even if this means re-assessing the service agreement with your app partner.

When you team up with Vajro, you not only join hands with a reliable and trusted app development partner you also ensure that you don’t face any of the above challenges. Being a low-code/no-code platform, you build your own app instantly and tailor it exactly as per your needs. To know more about Vajro, book a demo now.

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