Holiday Season
Holiday Season
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November 15, 2021

Why Your Retail Business Needs a Mobile App this Holiday Season


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Do these activities ring a bell? Well, if you are an eCommerce retailer, there are high chances that you know what we are talking about.

Planning promotional events

Designing outrageous deals

Crafting attractive discounts

Monitoring inventory 24 X 7

Do these activities ring a bell? Well, if you are an eCommerce retailer, there are high chances that you know what we are talking about.

Yes, this is nothing but what every online retailer goes through during the holiday shopping season.

To make it even more complex, you have the competition in the eCommerce industry spiking up during the holiday season.

Irrespective of their size, big and small players are pitted against each other, and any slight competitive advantage might give you a head start in the long-enduring marathon of holiday sales.

For retail businesses during the holiday season, one such element that will give them an edge over their competitors is a mobile app.

In today’s hyper-connected ecosystem, having a mobile app for your store is absolutely essential. Mobile apps have become highly significant in different aspects of the business, such as marketing, sales, and operations.

Let’s look at some of the ways mobile apps can help your retail business grow this holiday season.

Push Notifications

The online traffic will be at an all-time high during the holiday season. So, it is vital to create the most attractive offers and communicate them to the customers consistently and instantly. One of the main advantages of having a mobile app is sending out push notifications and letting your customers know about these special offers and discounts without having them actually open the app every time.

You can reach out to them wherever they are and lead them to you, thereby helping you build a solid and positive relationship with them. It will result in increased retention rates and brand loyalty, both of which are truly priceless during the holiday season.

Push notifications can also tackle the problem of cart abandonment, which is extremely common during the holiday sales period as there will be countless offers around; the customer can have a change of mind at any time and look somewhere else.

French fashion and home décor retailer La Redoute started a push notification campaign to tackle the problem of cart abandonment. The campaign uses push notifications to target customers who left the store with an item still in their cart with personalized messages and links for them to complete their purchase. This campaign resulted in increased customer engagement, and more customers completed their purchases eventually.

Improved and Straightforward Shopping Experience

Mobile apps have made the modern-day shopping experience incredibly simpler and effective. Customers nowadays can use your services any time without having to fire up their desktop; instead, they can log on to the mobile app through their smartphone. If you can provide these customers with a seamless shopping experience this holiday season, it becomes a huge differentiating factor that will set you apart from the others.

With mobile apps, you can integrate numerous features like personalized deals and discounts, one-click ordering, easy payment, live tracking, product visualization, and more.

IKEA, the world’s largest furniture retailer, is the best example when it comes to enhancing its customer’s shopping experience. In 2017, they launched an AR app called IKEA Place to help users know how a particular piece of furniture would look in their home.

Marketing Tool to Enhance Brand Visibility

Yes, mobile apps are an incredibly efficient marketing tool that will improve your brand visibility. It can be easily integrated with various social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, and your customers can talk about them or share them with a single tap. It will increase your app engagement during the holiday season, which will draw more customers to you.

As the number of smartphone users keeps growing day by day, a devoted retailer app will help you catch their attention more in a way that no conventional marketing tool can. Whenever customers open their phones, they will see your app. This consistent level of advertisement will naturally boost your brand visibility and work in your favor during the holiday season as the customer is bound to recall your brand while searching for a particular product. This enhanced brand visibility will drive the overall sales, resulting in a positive revenue shift.

24/7 Availability and Automation

One of the most significant advantages of a retail mobile app is that you can keep your business operating 24/7 and completely automated. During the peak sales overdrive of the holiday season, a mobile app will help keep the business running as usual. You will not have to oversee transactions conducted online.

Automation will also help you offer enhanced services to your customers by using innovative technologies. These new-age technologies come in the form of virtual assistants, automated chatbots,, and more, which will simplify things for you and your customers during the high-octane sales period.

Sephora, the personal care and beauty products retailer, is the best example of pushing technological boundaries. Its Virtual Artist feature allows the customer to experiment with an infinite array of eyeshadows, lip colors, and even false lashes.

Closing Thoughts and How Vajro can help?

The number of online shoppers keeps increasing every year, and this year seems no different. With the world population recovering slowly from the impact of the pandemic, the majority of holiday shopping will be pushed online. And, as sellers, you must be ready for it. The first step is acquiring a mobile app.

Today’s smartphone-obsessed consumers are a huge market full of endless possibilities and potential. And developing a mobile app is becoming affordable, especially for small and medium-sized enterprises. These factors create a window of opportunity for you to level the playing field with the big boys and grow your retail business this holiday season.

We are also here to help. At Vajro, we create mobile apps to empower your retail business. With all the latest features and within a short span of time, we deliver your own unique mobile app. Conduct live sales, send out push notifications, experience the magic of automation, and sit back and watch your sales skyrocket this holiday season. To know more about us, click here.

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