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Vajro soon became a vital sales channel for the store bringing in a huge part of the ROI for their business along with their Shopify Plus store. With customer behavior shifting towards mobile apps, the store picked the perfect time to go mobile and opt for Vajro. After a quick setup and launch, the app’s returns have been only on an upward trajectory.

About Juicy Chemistry

Juicy Chemistry was co-founded by Pritesh & Megha Asher in 2014, with a goal to provide effective skin care products formulated with the purest and the most nutrient rich ingredients that nature can offer. The store was born out of frustration when prescribed skincare products were not helping Megha with her own skin issues, Megha’s decision to turn to the organic route, and the realization that not many alternatives that offered truly natural products were available in the market.

Coming from a manufacturing background, Pritesh had learnt and specialized in complex formulations and manufacturing techniques among other intricacies of the business. They decided to put this knowledge in use to formulate a unique skincare line to provide simplified solutions.

By digging deep into Nature and its methods of renewal and rejuvenation, Juicy Chemistry’s products were formulated. The intensive research into essential oils and traditional skincare ingredients now forms the foundation of the products. They are all formulated with absolutely no chemicals or preservatives.

The Goals

Owing to the innovative concept the store was based on, the Ashers achieved a significant amount of success over their website. However, they had a few objectives in mind to push the boundaries of their Shopify Plus store

  • Since they were mainly operating as a website, getting the right engagement was a huge challenge, and staying in touch with customers over emails wasn’t as effective anymore
  • Aware of mobile apps taking over the world of ecommerce, they were looking to expand their customer base with a top-notch with a mobile-first strategy
  • Add a profitable revenue stream that offers an excellent shopping experience to their existing channels
  • Step up to customers who had already moved on to mobile shopping for their online needs
  • Turn visitors into loyal shoppers with a truly personalized buying experience

The Ashers had a bigger concern about building the app itself, dreading the idea of having to write lines of codes for months on end to get the perfect app as per their requirements.

The Solution

Juicy chemistry was at the cusp of its next stage as an ecommerce store, and a perfect mobile app was just what the store needed to move forward.The search for an app that met their requirements led the Ashers to Vajro.

  • A Completely Customizable Mobile App

The Ashers’ concern about building an app vanished days after they got in touch with Vajro. With a simple drag-and-drop builder, Vajro’s expert customer support team, and the fact that building the app required absolutely no line of coding, Juicy Chemistry’s app was up and running in no time!

  • An Excellent Engagement Medium

With Automated rich media notifications, the store was able to keep in touch with their customers letting them know of upcoming sales, offers, their own orders and so much more. They were also able to retarget their audience with Abandoned cart notifications and inactive user notifications. With over 80% of their online traffic coming from mobile devices, the Ashers understood the pulse of their loyal customers and got the engagement game right!

  • An Enhanced Shopping Experience

Juicy Chemistry’s loyal audience was treated to the best shopping experience with the addition of a mobile app to their revenue stream. The store capitalized on Vajro’s powerful features and intuitive plugins to give their customers the best experience as a mobile store. With Vajro’s live video commerce platform - Blynk, multi-currency support, multi-language support, customized loyalty programs and so much more, the store was able to offer a truly personalized experience.

By providing a first-class shopping experience, and efficiently retargeting their audience, the store was able to expand their customer base and maximize their ROI with Vajro.

The Results

Vajro soon became a vital sales channel for the store bringing in a huge part of the ROI for their business along with their Shopify Plus store. With customer behavior shifting towards mobile apps, the store picked the perfect time to go mobile and opt for Vajro. After a quick setup and launch, the app’s returns have been only in the upward trajectory.

The store experienced tremendous success among its customer base with the revenue on mobile app seeing a staggering 66% growth, which contributed to the 64% increase in their overall revenue.

With the number of visitors from mobile devices, it was evident that the mobile-first strategy was a welcome addition for the store. The store reported a 73% increase in the total number of orders placed and a 50% increase in online conversion rate.

Vajro’s intuitive features helped the store get the desired customer engagement, and the app was a huge hit among Juicy Chemistry’s clientele. The incredible surge in their online store sessions indicated how their customer base expanded over this period of time, and how big a hit it became among their newer audience as well.

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