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Palette Of Threads

How Palette of Threads, a boutique store, boosted their revenue by 23% with their mobile app


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Jessica realized that her customers loved the new app. In addition to ease of use, she was able to reach out to her customers without overwhelming them using rich media notifications and keep them updated on live sale events, offers, and so on.

About Palette of Threads: Curated Outfits, Made Simple

Born out of frustration that she couldn't find clothes for herself after she became a mom, Palette of Threads boutique was founded by Jessica Cecrle. What started out as a basement project soon transformed into a full-fledged boutique complete with a warehouse and a team that's six-member strong.

Her passion for helping people get dressed and giving them an entire ensemble, style guides, and curated collections fuels her online store. In her store, her ensemble ties up with 3 tops to a bottom so the customer can easily buy the entire ensemble instead of fishing for a matching top or bottom.

The Challenges - Workflow Woes leading to a poor shopping experience

  • Tedious workflow on the previous platform

The Palette of Threads boutique had a mobile app offered by a developer who was not on Shopify Marketplace. Jessica found the platform to be “too techy” and working with it seemed super complex, which made it a time-consuming affair considering the time it took to update her website and her app individually

  • Inconsistent shopping experience

Since the platform was not integrated with Shopify, customers were forced to manage both the mobile app and their store separately. This resulted in disgruntled customers who couldn't use gift cards from Shopify on their mobile app. In addition to various other incompatibilities, this contributed to a shoddy shopping experience!

The Solution - Building an App the Vajro Way

Jessica discovered Vajro at a Boutique Hub Summit back in 2018 and was absolutely blown away by how easy the app has been to work with and how well the app integrated with Shopify, solving two of her main issues in one go!

  • Seamlessly integrate with Shopify

Aside from the ease of use, Jessica loved how well Vajro integrated with Shopify. With a click of a button, she was able to sync the Shopify store with her app built on Vajro, thus offering a consistent shopping experience for her customers across both channels. Not just that, the transition from the previous platform to Vajro was smooth and effortless for both the store and its audience.

  • Provide innovative ways to improve customer retention and conversions

Jessica used live selling as a way to bring customers back to her mobile app. She sent push notifications highlighting products that were on a live session to improve sales further. Jessica also loved the fact that she could set up live sessions in advance using draft sales and not worry about it during the live selling sessions.

  • Integrate with Sezzle to offer flexible payment options

One way to boost sales and minimize cart abandonment is by offering multiple payment options. Vajro's integration with Sezzle enabled shoppers to pay for their purchases in multiple installments. The boutique has been using Sezzle to drive more holiday sales and combat the plateau in sales.

  • Integrate with to maximize retention with a robust loyalty program

A well-thought-out loyalty and rewards program can turn your frequent visitors into loyal customers who will not only buy from you on a recurring basis but also send their friends to your site. Vajro’s integration with made it easy for Jessica to set up her rewards program, and turned her disgruntled customers into happy customers, as they were now able to use their reward points earned on the Shopify site on the mobile app as well.

Jessica’s Playbook - Strategies that worked for mobile store

  • App Adoption

When it comes to mobile app adoption, numerous brands struggle to get it right. While some have mastered it, others are still trying to figure out how to get their users on board with their new platform.

Jessica’s boutique decided to take a unique approach in terms of mobile app promotion—they offered live session viewers special giveaways if they made purchases on their app. This gave them a unique opportunity to target those who already had an interest in the brand and help them make the switch over to the new platform.

The boutique's success with this approach helped them increase their mobile app usage by a solid 24%!

  • Engagement Game: On point

Jessica’s team focused on sending only 2 SMS a week, after figuring out the 2 biggest sale days of the week. In the remaining days, they made use of push notifications as they found that push notifications performed much better than traditional SMS, as push notifications seem less invasive and offer more real-time updates.

  • A Customer-Centric Approach

Jessica’s team strives to ensure every order reaches its intended recipient. In the rare event that an order doesn't arrive, or if there are issues with an order, the boutique sends them credit or replacement right away without any additional cost. This has helped build customer loyalty and trust in their store.

  • Live Selling Strategy

Jessica learned that going live in the morning gave her the most traction after a lot of trial and error. Depending on how well a live session goes during the morning, the store sends push notifications, sets up product drops, etc. to make sure they hit their everyday targets. She says, 'Each day has been different and I concentrate on overall growth and making customers happy.'

Vajro’s Impact

Jessica realized that her customers loved the new app. In addition to ease of use, she was able to reach out to her customers without overwhelming them using rich media notifications and keep them updated on live sale events, offers and so on.

With Vajro, the boutique witnessed:

  • 20% increase in conversions
  • 2x increase in online sessions
  • 56% increase in average order value
  • 73% Mobile app contribution to overall revenue

What does the future look like for Palette of Threads boutique

  • Jessica is planning to explore other ways of marketing her business, such as attending local events and malls, ahead of the festive season.
  • Jessica also thinks it's a great time to explore other platforms like TikTok and Pinterest, which will help her strengthen her marketing efforts.
  • The store will focus on returning customers this BFCM season by offering them discounts, special promotions, and other benefits to improve their customer retention and loyalty

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