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Find out how Dakota Darling Boutique increased their overall revenue by 40% using Vajro


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Vajro has been very flexible. My customers love it, and it’s literally the only thing they use to shop. Vajro is, no matter what the case is, wonderful to work with.

Vanessa Barkl, Dakota Darling

About Dakota Darling: A passion blooms into a versatile business

Vanessa Barkl fell in love with fashion at an early age. When friends visited her family’s farm in South Dakota, she had fun changing outfits multiple times and parading around the house like she was in a fashion show.

As an adult, Vanessa turned her passion into a business by founding Dakota Darling Boutique, an online retail store that offers a versatile range of high-quality clothing in inclusive sizes.

The Challenges: Building an app from the ground up

  • Heavy reliance on social media resulting in a poor targeting strategy

Since its inception, the boutique has relied largely on Facebook and Instagram to reach their audience about discounts, offers, product launches, lives, and so on! While it was a great engagement medium when the boutique started out, constant changes in the platforms’ algorithm spoiled Vanessa’s efforts. This led to the boutique’s audience missing out on various announcements, and the store, in turn, experienced a slump in sales owing to her efforts being rendered ineffective by the continuous changes in the algorithm.

  • The difficulties of building a mobile app from the ground up

Building a mobile app from the scratch can prove to be a huge task for most eCommerce store owners, given the amount of time and money that goes into the process. Vanessa’s concern was predominantly about the same coming from a non-technical background. The need for coding knowledge, and the efforts needed to find the right developer and oversee things while also running a boutique could be daunting thoughts for anyone.

The Solution: Mobile app and beyond

  • Mobile app building made easy

Vanessa’s worries about developing a highly customizable mobile app dissipated after she found Vajro. Vajro offers a simple app builder that enables store owners to design a mobile app that reflects their brand image without the need for any line of code or developer support. Dakota Darling boutique’s uniquely designed app was up and running in no time, thanks to the easy interface and Vajro's skilled customer support team.

  • Better targeting with Push Notifications

Push notifications are one of the most efficient ways to communicate with the audience and optimize engagement. With Vajro, Vanessa has been reaching out to her shoppers with real-time rich media notifications and triggering personalized messages to pique their interest. Vanessa also leveraged automated notifications to greet her new faces, revive inactive users and minimize cart abandonment with abandoned cart notifications. Timely push notifications have helped Vanessa reach out to her customers without bombarding them and boosting conversions.

  • A live selling strategy to boost sales

Vajro’s live video-selling platform - Blynk allows store owners to sell live on their mobile apps and Facebook groups/pages simultaneously. In addition to live selling, the platform enables shoppers to cart hold and waitlist for products, and replay past live sessions & purchase from them. Vanessa piqued her audience’s interest using Blynk and maximized engagement. Blynk’s draft sales feature enabled her to set up multiple live sales in advance and ensured a smooth live selling experience.

The Impact: A powerful brand identity

Vanessa’s store experienced amazing success by motivating her customer base using her one-of-a-kind mobile app. She was able to meet her goals with her mobile app in a short amount of time, and she was very pleased with the outcomes! She captured prospective customers’ attention and grew her retention rate using Vajro's real-time notifications and live video commerce platform!

  • 20% increase in conversions
  • 2x increase in online sessions
  • 56% increase in average order value
  • 73% Mobile app contribution to overall revenue

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