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Vintage Boho Bags

Luxury fashion brand made $500k in 90 minutes with Vajro!


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We worked hand-in-hand with Vajro to design and execute a mobile retention plan for Vintage Boho Bags, as well as a focused promotion of their Flash Sale in the mobile app. We will continue to drive more results through future sale events leveraging the Vajro mobile app platform.

Charles Shewchuk, Co-founder of Shopfuel


Vajro has enabled over 5,000 merchants with marketing and retention strategy on mobile. Our relationship with Shopfuel (Vajro partner) and Vintage Boho Bags, a luxury bag brand based out of California started over a year ago. Since the launch of their mobile app, they have seen phenomenal results.  

 Goals  & Discovery

The Vintage Boho Bags had clear goals - take advantage of a native mobile app to engage their loyal customers and maximize their repeat purchase rate.


The agency partner leveraged a simple game plan to attract their audience to the app and make them stick around!

  Act 1: Attraction

Utilizing Vajro's flexible app builder, they quickly and efficiently crafted a mobile app that stays true to their brand. This allowed for a seamless transition, preventing any sense of alienation due to the merchant's expansion into mobile. The inclusion of exclusive app-only discounts further accelerated the app's popularity and user adoption.

  Act 2: Engagement

Using Vajro's push notifications, the merchant informed shoppers about product launches, sales, and live selling sessions. They've been successfully addressing cart abandonment with well-timed, automated push notifications to gently nudge their shoppers to complete their purchases from the mobile app. With Live Video Selling, they found an interactive way to keep their shoppers engaged with new collections and sell more products!

 Act 3: Retention 

The agency and merchant tag team kept their shoppers coming back by offering a user-friendly experience with an app that worked perfectly with other 3rd party apps, like Klaviyo, Sezzle, Fera and Employing these additions to the mobile app creates a more personalized experience for shoppers with product recommendations, and real-time image and video notifications that could be targeted based on the shoppers' past activities on the app.


The mobile app has exceeded all expectations with 90% of online traffic now coming through the app and having a whopping 60% returning customer rate.

That's not all! The Vintage Boho Bags made an impressive half-a-million dollars in less than 90 minutes with their first mobile-only flash sales event shortly after launching their mobile app.

A well-thought out game plan and a well-designed robust mobile appwere the biggest components that contributed to the merchant's massive ROI over the last few months.

The impact

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