Step 4: Integrations

What are boutique-relevant integrations?

Think of your Shopify storefront as the chic window display of your boutique. It’s where all your stylish products and collections are on display. Now, picture your mobile app as your very own closet organizer. It’s like having this handy tool that brings together everything you love about your website, but more.
In fact, way more…
Because, with powerful integrations, you can customize your mobile app to bring all the features your customers love on your website. You’re not just making things easier for your customers. You’re unlocking a whole new world of opportunities to grow your boutique and connect with your customers on the go. 
Just like how you curate your wardrobe to reflect your unique style, these integrations blend all the essential tools you need to run your boutique with ease. 
With more than 70 integrations, Vajro is leading the market. And guess what? They’re tailor-made for boutique owners like you, making it easier than ever to deliver an amazing shopping experience to your customers. 
Here are some cool scenarios where you can benefit from integrations. Check these out: 

1. Hyper-personalize customer engagement with Klaviyo

A customer loves browsing bohemian dresses and has bought accessories like woven handbags. With Klaviyo, you can use this info to shoot them a super-targeted push notification. Like, “Hey, check out our latest bohemian collection arrivals, perfect for pairing with those cute woven handbags you adore.”
It’s kinda like having a personal assistant who knows what each customer likes, and they hit them up with the right push notification at the right time. 

2. Collect photo and video product reviews with Loox

Now, onto product reviews. Another customer buys leather boots from your boutique, totally digs them, and drops a sweet review on your boutique using Loox. They even throw in a video review of how fantastic the boots look and feel. 
It’s like having a friend vouch for your stuff, making other shoppers feel confident about buying from your boutique. 

3. Build a loyalty program with Smile

And let’s not forget loyalty programs. Your boutique sets up a one with birthday rewards. When it’s a customer’s birthday month, you can hit them up with a special discount code via email, inviting them to celebrate with a birthday shopping spree at your store.
It’s like having a VIP pass for your loyal customers. By offering exclusive perks like birthday rewards, you’re giving them a reason to celebrate with your boutique and keep coming back for more.

Why do boutiques benefit from integrations?

Product reviews

98% of shoppers think product reviews are important when they’re deciding to buy. 98%!
Let’s say you’ve just launched a new line of sustainable clothing. YOU know that those pieces are stylish and eco-friendly. But how do you convince your customers? Enter product reviews.
Because when Susan, a customer, praises how soft that sweater is, others take notice and are likely to buy one themselves.
Those authentic testimonials are powerful social proof. They entice other customers to try your products and fall in love with your boutique’s offerings.
Vajro integrates with all the big product review apps, like Yotpo, Okendo, and Loox. With our product review integrations, you’re not just selling. Instead, you’re building social proof by showcasing visual reviews that drive even more conversion from your mobile app.

Buy now, pay later (BNPL)

Think of the “Buy now, pay later” option as a boost button for your boutique’s sales.
Well, when your customers see they can pay in bits, they're more likely to hit that "checkout" button and grab something they love from your boutique. It’s kinda like having a credit card, but for smaller and individual purchases. (So, it gives them the flexibility they crave to buy products without waiting).
But it’s not only about keeping your current customers happy. It’s also a magnet for attracting new customers. Offering BNPL sets your boutique apart from the crowd, drawing in shoppers who appreciate the convenience and ease it brings.
Vajro works with popular BNPL solutions like Sezzle, Klarna, Clearpay, and many more. This means you're giving your customers convenient payment options when they’re shopping on your mobile app. It boosts your conversion rates at checkout, making it easier for customers to complete their purchases.

Live chat

Imagine a shopper browsing your boutique online, unsure about the sizing of a shoe they love. With live chat, they can reach out to you right away and have their questions answered. It’s like having a dedicated fashion expert by their side. Whether it’s helping them choose the perfect outfit for their special occasion or answering questions about the newest collection, live chat adds a personalized touch to their online shopping experience.
Chat integrations also come with automations to address common questions like return policies or shipping times. This ensure that your customers will still get the information they need right away, even when you’re offline.
Vajro supports all the top live chat apps like WhatsApp, Messenger, Zendesk, and more. This lets you engage with your customers and provide a top-notch customer service experience, making every interaction feel like a personalized styling session.

Product recommendations

Think of product recommendations in Shopify as having a super-smart sales assistant who knows what your customers want, even before they do. A study shows that product recommendations make up to 31% of ecommerce site revenues. They’re THAT powerful.
Here’s an example: Sarah runs a boutique. She notices a trend. Customers who buy a particular dress also tend to buy matching accessories like handbags or earrings. So, she sets up product recommendations on her website that suggest these accessories when someone adds that dress to their cart.
When Emily, a customer, adds the dress to her cart, she sees this on the checkout page: “Hey Emily, why not complete the look with these fabulous earrings?” She loves the idea and decides to throw in the earrings too.
It’s a win-win.
Emily gets a complete outfit and Sarah scores extra sales by suggesting matching items. That’s why good product recommendations make your customers happy and keep them coming back. When shoppers see stuff they like, they're more likely to stick around and become loyal customers.
With Vajro, you can integrate with Glood, which helps you give personalized product recommendations right on your mobile app. That way, every customer feels like a VIP and finds what they're looking for in a snap.

How to set up popular integrations with Vajro

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