Step 2: Live selling

What is live selling?

Live selling refers to selling products through an online video session, where the viewers can purchase in real time. You can sell on a live video through your mobile app, or social media channels like YouTube, Facebook, and TikTok.
By showing off your products in a time-limited video, you attract customer curiosity and interest. They see your products in action without any Photoshop, filters, or even AI models; only a real person selling real products and interacting with them, making your brand look authentic.
But let’s look at a real-life boutique example:
Palette of Threads Boutique uses live selling on their mobile app as their primary sales channel.
First, they create a buzz on their app about the upcoming live sale through notifications and homepage banners. Then, during the live session, they showcase their products and offer special giveaways to the viewers, driving instant sales.
Through this strategy, Palette of Threads saw a massive 69% increase in returning customers with Vajro.
Palette of Threads saw a massive
69% increase in returning customers with Vajro

Why do boutiques benefit from live selling?

Imagine yourself selling a pink, silk shirt on a live video. You could show the shirt by holding it to the screen, or make your boutique buddy wear it on video during the session. When you say - ‘’Oh this material is so…soft…as you can see for yourself!’’ - Your viewers don’t just see it, they FEEL it. They feel the softness that you want them to feel. That’s how effective a live sale can be.
Here are a few reasons why boutiques benefit from live selling:

1. Live selling takes the online shopping experience a notch higher

Instead of browsing through multiple product pages, customers could sit back and watch a video of you showing your products in all dimensions. This gives them a visual perception of how the product looks.
Vajro’s live selling setup is user-friendly and offers your customers a smooth shopping experience. They can buy with a simple tap on their screens, or comment on your video to get the invoice.
The kicker: To help you focus on your perfect live sale, Vajro supports automatic invoicing on Facebook so you don’t have to manually pause your video to reply to customer queries.

2. You can build a strong connection with customers

A mobile app is your community of loyal customers and like-minded fashion enthusiasts. And when you interact with your community through a video, they engage with you through comments and purchases. The personalized shopping experience enhances their relationship with your brand, and they make sure they don’t miss your next live. Even better, they share details about your next big flash sales with their friends and family. 

3. Streamline the shopping experience - from browsing to checkout

The visual perception of a product and the ease of purchasing help customers buy without any hassle. In the boutique fashion industry, where trends last only for a few months, you have to sell your products fast before the trends fade. That’s where live selling helps.
Showcasing your all-new products during a live session sparks subconscious excitement among your audience. Many FOMO-triggered questions pop up in their mind-
‘’Wow, this shirt looks so good! Is anyone else buying it?’’
‘’Will it go out of stock already?’’
‘’This will go so well with my new jeans…I think I should just buy it NOW!’’

4. Past sessions offer a steady revenue stream

One of the best returns you get from a live session is its recorded video. More than 30% of the total live sale revenue for many boutiques comes from the replays.
With Vajro, you can host all your past live sessions on the app so customers can revisit them and buy like how they would during a live session.
Look at this example from Willow Boutique’s app built with Vajro. They have all their live sale replays hosted right on their homepage. When you click on ‘’View All’’ the app takes you to a landing page with all the past sessions.
Oh, and see that attractive ‘’We are LIVE’’ banner? Guess what this means…
More than 30% of the total live sale revenue for many boutiques comes from the replays

5. The videos give you marketing resources for future promotions

In addition to the whole bunch of recorded sessions, live selling also gives you video snippets that you can use for your ads or social media campaigns. By now, we all know video content converts.
When you finish a live sale where you sell 5 products, you also have the marketing content ready for 5 reels or 5 ad campaigns, without much extra effort. Just a little video trimming and basic edits and you’re ready to go! 

6. The ROI with live selling is massive

You drive huge sales within minutes, strengthen customer relationships, and enhance the shopping experience - all in return for the minimum effort you put in to go live with your products.
When you create enough hype about your live session and do promotions around it, live selling can be a game changer for your boutique.
If these benefits tempt you, then the next section will be a treat for you. Let’s dive in to understand how to host a live selling session with Vajro to get maximum results.

How to set up a successful live sale with Vajro for your boutique

Let’s first understand how to set up a live sale with Vajro and then see how to incorporate each of these features.
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